Forestry Initiatives Program

The Forestry Initiatives Program was created to address the multiple challenges facing our community at this time - mainly protecting our communities from wildfire through:

  • Encouraging home and business owners to FireSmart their properties
  • Implementing our Community Wildfire Protection Plan (CWPP)
  • Advocating for landscape level analysis and restoration
  • Exploring ways to innovate the forest products manufacturing sector

The objective of the program is to build ‘home-grown’ solutions for Quesnel during it’s time of transition to be innovative, resilient and help grow a sustainable future for everyone who chooses to call the area home.

This program is made possible through funding provided by the City of Quesnel, BC Rural Dividend, Community Resiliency Investment Program, Forestry Enhancement Society of British Columbia, and Cariboo Strong. 


The Forestry Initiatives Program emerged from the Future of Forestry Think Tank process, which brought together 65 technical experts in May of 2018 with a wide range of knowledge and expertise to discuss land management and innovation in manufacturing of wood.

Program News & Events

Interested in what the Program has achieved and upcoming events? Read all of the Program news and list of events!

In The News


  • January 21, 2020 - BC Premier calls Quesnel a 'hub of innovation'
  • February 6, 2020 - Quesnel keeps an eye on Forestry's longer term future
  • February 11, 2020 - Clearwater looks to Quesnel's forestry vision
  • February 20, 2020 - Workshop will help move Quesnel Community Forest forward
  • February 2020 Issue of Logging and Sawmilling Journal - B.C. Interior forest industry is tackling adversity—and planning for the future
  • March 4, 2020 - Importance of FireSmarting your home highlighted at Quesnel open house
  • March 9, 2020 - Cariboo benefits from provincial wildfire prevention money
  • April 8, 2020 - Quesnel and FPInnovations partner to improve forest fibre utilization and forest resilience
  • May 10, 2020 - How the pandemic could be an opportunity to revive B.C.'s forestry industry, with Mayor Bob Simpson


Program Newsletters

The Forestry Initiatives Program Newsletters, which are sent to all of our community partners and interested partners.

If you are interested in receiving these updates, contact the Forestry Initiatives Coordinator to be added to the subscription list. 


Read below on upcoming events!

  • February 29, 2020 - Forestry Innovation Center Open House - Is your property FireSmart?
  • Date TBD - Wildfire Preparedness Day 2020
Additional Information and Resources

Interested in learning more about FireSmart practices, Community Wildfire Protection Plan, landscape level analysis and restoration, innovative manufacturing, and other forestry related topics? Follow the links below to learn more.

FireSmart Practices for Home and Business owners

Unsure of where to start with FireSmart practices for your home? The links below provide helpful tips for identifying potential fire hazards near your home, as well as construction materials that are more fire resistant.

Community Wildfire Protection Plan (CWPP)

Quesnel’s CWPP identifies 34 fuel treatment units. The overall goal of the program is to implement the CWPP within 5 years (by 2022), using multiple funding sources, starting with areas within the 2 km wildland urban interface (WUI) and working outwards.

The City is working with: local area licensees and Provincial agencies, such as BC Parks and all branches of the Ministry of Forest, Land, Natural Resources Operations and Rural Development, to identify the potential collaborations and innovative approaches needed for advancing the fuel mitigation work laid out in the CWPP. 

The City enables the collaboration and consensus-building needed to carryout out large-scale fuel management, and the associated fibre utilisation and job creation opportunities. 

Landscape Level Analysis and Restoration

Working with our Provincial government partners, the City of Quesnel is supporting the landscape level analysis and restoration project. The goal of this project is to shift the way we manage for merchantable timber to managing the ecosystem for multiple values.

We are proposing a learning laboratory on the land west of the Fraser River to test alternate forms of ecosystem management. The proposed project consists of research, management and planning to better understand the role of fire and forest health on ecosystem functions. We are looking at ways that prescribed fires can restore landscapes that are resilient to a changing climate and potential future mega-fires. Above and beyond prescribed fires are different fuel management techniques, including thinning, spacing, and utilizing more of the fibre left behind from traditional harvesting practices. 

Innovative Manufacturing of Wood Products

Quesnel is also home to one of the most diverse concentrations of wood products manufacturing facilities in the world. We have many of the best milling and processing operations that have been used for making traditional wood products, which can now be diversified. Through research and development, forestry companies are experimenting with wood-fibre residues and other byproducts of forest product manufacturing. Some of these products include prefabricated construction materials, wood composites, biofuels, bio-oils, pellets, and biodegradable single use products.

The City has been working with research and development companies, like FPInnovations, to explore the future of wood products. The emerging research from FPInnovations illustrates the magnitude of possible alternative wood products, which can augment and/or replace many products in the construction and assembly processes, as well as everyday consumable products.

There are many innovative and alternative uses for wood-fibre, many of which are already in development and entering the market.

  • Nanocrystalline Cellulose has a vast range of uses, including strengthening and stiffening materials, and changing the texture of paper. 
  • Lignin is an all-natural, renewable green alternative for fossil fuel-based compounds that can create adhesives and thermoplastics. 
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