An individual or group who would like to make a public presentation before Council or a Standing Committee must apply to do so.

How to become a Delegation

Those wishing to be a delegation before Council must submit a written request to the Deputy Corporate Administrator's Office. This request should clearly outline the topic on which the delegation plans to speak and identify specific concerns the delegation has with regard to the topic. Please keep in mind that all written requests must be received by noon on the Wednesday immediately preceding the next regular Council meeting is scheduled to occur. 

If you are making a PowerPoint or video presentation, it is strongly recommended that you provide it to City staff the Friday before to ensure there are no technical problems.

A spokesperson or spokespersons are permitted to represent a group of people as a delegation providing that their full names and addresses are presented to Council prior to making their presentations.

What to expect as a Delegation

Each delegation has 15 minutes to make their presentation. After the presentation is made, time will be given for Council members to ask questions. For more information on how to approach Council, please consult the City of Quesnel Council Procedure Bylaw.


Rhya Hartley, Deputy Corporate Administrator
Phone: 250-991-7471

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