Emergency preparedness

We’re prepared. Are you?

You can never schedule an emergency, but you can plan ways to cope with one. The City of Quesnel along with fire, police, other emergency personnel and support agencies have an emergency plan that can be set in motion for large-scale emergencies and disasters. The function of the personnel who are called to work in the Emergency Operation Centre is to respond and restore things back to normal.

This website is designed to assist you in achieving your level of personal preparedness. We have included links to information pages and other websites to help you in your quest.

Remember, personal preparedness is everybody’s business! For questions, comments or suggestions, please feel free to contact the City's Emergency Services Director, Ron Richert.


The objective of the City of Quesnel Evacuation Route Plan is to establish the principles, structures, roles and responsibilities for a coordinated evacuation of either divisions of the City or the entire community of Quesnel.

The evacuation route plan is provided to the public to ensure preparedness for emergencies. This documentation is not created because an evacuation is expected – it is to ensure the correct preparation is considered in the case of an evacuation.

Quesnel Evacuation Route Plan

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