Fuel management on Dragon Mountain

August 23, 2019
Public Notices

The City of Quesnel, in collaboration with BC Wildfire Service and BC Parks, is undertaking fuel management at the communications towers on Dragon Mountain as part of our Community Wildfire Protection Plan. The treatments will begin on August 26, 2019, and are not anticipated to affect trail-use.  It is expected that the treatments will be completed by the end of September 2019.

This fuel management will consist of thinning, pruning, and removing debris off the ground in the area. The goal of treatments is to reduce the amount of fuel available to a fire:

  1. On the forest floor (surface fuels)
  2. In the mid-canopy (ladder fuels)
  3. In the canopy (crown fuels)

Fuel Management results in a more open forest which is less likely to sustain a crown fire. It also enhances the ability of crews to access and suppress fires.

Improving wildlife habitat is also a goal of fuel management. Large conifers and deciduous trees are retained, as are large wildlife logs on the forest floor.  After thinning, more light reaches the forest floor and helps plants re-establish.

This work is part of the ongoing Forestry Initiatives Program of the Quesnel and Surrounding Area Community Wildfire Protection Plan.  

For more information please contact Erin Robinson, Forestry Initiatives Manager for the City of Quesnel at 250-255-6002.

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