Getting Started

Are you planning to buy a property? Build or renovate a building?  Are you starting or changing locations of a business?  Make your first stop the City’s Development Services Department. 

Whether you are making plans for your own residence, a business investing in commercial facilities or developing a subdivision, there is significant information City Staff can provide you to assist in your investment decisions. An initial inquiry will help you gain information on the types of considerations you should include in your planning and what processes will be required to see your plans through.

Getting Started


The Zoning Bylaw divides the City into zones with specified boundaries that prescribe uses within each zone and requirements of development such as building heights, parcel sizes and parking requirements. 

Development Permit Areas 

Development permit areas are designated for locations that require special treatment for certain purposes including protection of development from hazards, meeting form and character objectives for specific development areas, and revitalization of commercial areas.

City Services

It is important to identify what City Services (water and sewer) are available and if there is a lack of servicing what will be required to extend servicing to your site. 

Topography and Natural Features   

Most lots are found to contain some natural or manipulated slopes. It's important to understand what implications the slope of the property will have on your development plans.  In cases where there are natural or man-made hazards, a geotechnical engineer will be required to ensure the lots are safe and suitable for the intended use.

Certificate of Title 

  • Easements/Rights of Way
  • Covenants
  • Building Schemes

Next Steps

Once you have done some initial information gathering, book a meeting with Development Services staff to discuss your initial ideas and plans. Staff will assist you in laying out the processes (building permits, subdivisions, variances, etc) that may be required for your proposal. 

To book a meeting contact the Development Department at 250-992-2111 or

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