Residential Garbage

Residential garbage in Quesnel

Residential garbage is picked up bi-weekly, Tuesday through Friday starting at 8 a.m. using an automated garbage truck.

2024-2025 Schedule

This service is billed through utilities every February.

Garbage Cart Information
Cart Placement

For most residents, carts should be placed on the street, with the wheels against the curb, if there is one, or just off the road, on the shoulder. On collection day, the carts are wheeled to the street for collection.

Cart Ownership

The carts are the property of the City and will be replaced as they reach the end of their life cycle. The City assigns carts to each property. A serial number identifies the property to which the carts belong. If you move, the cart remains with the property for the next resident.

Cart storage

Store your cart in a secure location away from wild life that may try to access it.

Cart Maintenance

Residents are responsible for routine maintenance such as cleaning the carts, removing them from the street after collection and storing them in a safe place. The carts carry a 10-year warranty and the City will take care of any warranty repairs. Any stolen carts or those damaged through neglect or misuse will be replaced at the property owner’s expense.

Set out/set back service

Some residents living with a disability may find it difficult to move their carts to the road and can apply for the set out/set back service; City crews will move the carts on their behalf at no additional cost. However, if other people in the household are capable of rolling the cart to the street, this service will not be offered.

Change cart size

Residents may want to change the size of their garbage cart. The City has two residential cart sizes:

  1. 250 litre cart
  2. 360 litre cart

Most household use the smallest cart size. If you need to change your garbage cart size, fill out the Garbage Service Level Application and hand in to City Hall.

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