Volunteer firefighter

Volunteer firefighter applications are accepted year-round.

The City of Quesnel Volunteer Fire Department is in need of new members. If you are able to volunteer a few hours a week, have a willingness to learn and train, are ready to give back to your community, then please consider joining the Quesnel Fire Department.

About the Quesnel Volunteer Fire Department

Presently the Fire Department has 31 volunteer members with five full time staff members responding from three fire halls. The downtown hall has 15 members, Red Bluff hall has 15 members and the West Quesnel hall has six members. A healthy number for the Fire Department would be 40 volunteers and five full time staff which would give us 15 members per hall.

With only a hand full of new members joining in the past few years and a number of members leaving due to work, personal reasons or simply retiring, the Quesnel Fire Department is starting to feel the effects of not having sufficient members available to respond to emergencies. This is particularly true with fire hall #3 located in West Quesnel. This particular hall went from having 11 responding members at the start of 2015 to our present manning of six members.

So if you would like to do something important for your community and are willing to take on a challenging opportunity, being a volunteer fire fighter may be the right opportunity for you. If you are over the age of 19, please think about joining the Quesnel Fire Department.

Apply today!

Please contact the Quesnel Volunteer Fire Department at 250-992-5121 for more information.

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