Zoning and Land Use

The Zoning Bylaw divides the City into zones with specified boundaries that prescribe uses within each zone and requirements of development such as building heights, parcel sizes and parking requirements. Every zone which tells you what you can build (i.e. types of residential or commercial) and how many units (i.e. number of dwellings) you can build (density). The zoning also specifies where you can build (required building distances from property lines) and how tall you can build. Zoning also has several other regulations including those for home-based businesses, off-street parking requirements, and fencing heights.

If you are reviewing the zoning for a property to determine what you are permitted to do, identify the zone through the attached map or call Planning Staff to check on the zoning the property.

Zoning Bylaw - Consolidated

Map - Zoning Bylaw - Excerpted and Consolidated 

Contact Planning Staff at 250-992-2111 or email developmentservices@quesnel.ca.

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