Housing Development

The City of Quesnel offers a co-operative and friendly environment for housing development. Current demand is high. Based on our Housing Needs Assessment, Gap Analysis and Action Plan, Quesnel requires a variety of housing in the near, medium and longer term.  Our projections indicate a net demand of nearly 450 housing units by 2031. The majority of this demand is in the senior demographic.  

Housing projects that offer mixed use and adapt to changing demographics over the longer term are especially important.  Ex. Downtown apartments for seniors that also appeal to young professionals, or affordable subsidized units mixed with higher end units.

We offer incentives for development of multi-unit housing units that improve accessibility, as well as meet set design and livability standards. Incentives may also be provided for affordable housing units and/or developments that are of low environmental impact if they first meet the requirements of the tax exemption program. 

Housing development needs in the near future

  • Up-scale, urban living downtown (for professionals)
  • Apartment buildings with accessible units 
  • Duplexes, townhomes for families with lower income or seniors who are downsizing
  • Senior housing in general – homes for empty nesters, retirees, seniors, independent elderly as well as elderly in need of assistance
  • In-fill housing – suites, carriage houses and coach houses
  • The ‘missing middle’ – housing that is affordable and suitable for young families or lower income families.
  • Housing retrofits and renovations – we anticipate significant demand from seniors who would rather renovate than move.  
More Information

Please call or email our Development Services Department to discuss your project or to ask for help identifying suitable land parcels.  Development Services offers assistance viewing properties on mapping software, navigating bylaws and codes and generally supporting your housing project.  It’s best to call us early in the process!

Our whole community benefits when we have a diverse mix of housing options.  We look forward to hearing about creative ideas that benefit all parties.

Contact Development Services by calling 250.992.2111 or email devservices@quesnel.ca.

Download the PDF:

Housing Development

Northern Housing Incentive via Northern Development

The City of Quesnel is ready and wants to work with you to access up to $200,000 in funding for a shovel ready multi-unit housing development at $10,000 per door for the development of market-based housing units. 

We have completed our requirements to access these funds to assist your development! 

Project intakes are quarterly.  We want to work with you now to get ready for the next intake in February 2021.

program information

Please visit Northern Development for program information.