Building Permit Applications

Standard Building Permit

An application to construct, alter or renovate a Part 9 building, defined as:

  • The building is no more than 3 stories; and
  • The building with a footprint (bldg. area) of 600 m2 (approx. 6,500 sq. ft.) or less

These can be a single-family home, duplex, small apartment, or small commercial building (e.g. office, small store, and industrial shops).

Complex Building Permit

An application to construct, alter, or renovate a Part 3 building, defined as:

  • The building is 4 or more stories;
  • The building with a footprint greater than 600 m2 (~6,500 sq. ft.) or over areas as outlined in the Architects Act or
  • The building is classified as Group A (assembly e.g. church, arena); Group B (detention, treatment & care e.g. hospital, prison); or F-1 (high hazard industrial).

These permits cover a wide range of buildings and require design by a Registered Professional, such as an architect or engineer.

Other related forms

Road Access Permit

An application to provide driveway access to a City property. Keep in mind that highway access is granted by the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure (MOTI), and not by the City. Please call the Quesnel MOTI office at 250-983-7210 for information on how to apply for highway access.

Road and Sidewalk Closure Permit

An application for road & sidewalk closures to accommodate construction projects, such as scaffolding and crane trucks.

Parking Space Occupation Permit Request

An application to occupy a City parking space longer than 2 hours during a construction project, such as the contractor’s vehicle or crane trucks.

Garage and accessory building guide

A building plan template owners can use for a detached accessory building, such as a garage or shop.

Insurance coverage by registered professional

A form to be submitted by all engineers or architects associated with a building project, along with their firm’s Certificate of Insurance confirming insurance coverage.

Owner's Authorization

An authorization form which homeowner completes to allow a third party (realtor, potential purchaser) to review building files or other private property information.

Owner's Undertaking – Standard

Homeowners use this form when they wish to assign permit authority to a contractor or third party, i.e. the owner wants the contractor to submit application, pick up the permit, and/or call for inspections.

Owner's Undertaking – Complex

This form is used for complex building projects involving Registered Professionals (e.g. architect or engineer).

Preparation of a Geotechnical Report – Guide

A detailed guide on what is needed in a Geotechnical Report submitted for building projects.

Property Information Request

A formal property information request can be submitted for municipal records on a property. This may include records of building, zoning, fire inspections, or bylaw contraventions. A letter outlining the requested information must be submitted, along with a signed Owner’s Authorization form and the $150 fee for processing.

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