Emergency Notification System

The City of Quesnel uses Voyent Alert! as its platform for emergency alerts and notifications. This service is free, easy to use, and - most importantly - secure. With this system, we can provide access to trusted, timely, and accurate information about emergency incidents impacting your property. 

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Types of emergency alerts

We will notify you about emergency events or major service disruptions impacting you, such as:

  • Evacuation Alerts or Orders issued in response to floods, wildfires, and other disasters.
  • Critical advisories and notices for affected CRD water systems.

Ways to receive emergency alerts

Our emergency notification system works across multiple devices such as your mobile device, computer, or landline.

Download the Voyent Alert! app through the Apple App Store or Google Play Store to directly manage your information and receive alert notifications through the app.

List important addresses to receive notifications about emergencies impacting other places, including your home, work, school, cabin, or a relative's address.

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