Standing committees

Executive (ECom)

  • Councillor Vik (Chair)
  • Mayor Simpson 

Financial Sustainability and Audit (FSAC) 

  • Mayor Simpson (Chair)
  • Councillor Goulet

Policy and Bylaw (PABCOM)

  • Councillor Runge (Chair)
  • Councillor Roodenburg
  • Mayor Simpson

Public Safety and Policing (PSP)

  • Mayor Simpson (Chair)
  • Councillor Roodenburg
  • Councillor Vik

Select committees

  • Airport Advisory Committee: Mayor Simpson

External committees*

  • Northern Development Initiative Trust Advisory Committee: Mayor Simpson
  • Air Quality Roundtable: (?)
  • Healthy Communities: Councillor Roodenburg
  • Community Connect: Councillor Roodenburg

*External Committees are not Council Committees, but rather Council appoints a Council Member to attend External Committees

Liaison appointments

  • Business Improvement Associations: Councillor Runge
  • Chamber of Commerce: Mayor Simpson
  • North Cariboo Seniors' Council: Councillor Vik

Reference Groups

  • Housing: Mayor Simpson


  • Volunteer Recognition: Councillor Roodenburg
  • Heritage and Museum Stakeholder Meeting: Mayor Simpson
  • Accessibility and Inclusion Stakeholder Meeting: Councillor Runge


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