FireSmart your property this long weekend

April 18, 2019
News Release

As part of our Forestry Initiatives Program, the City of Quesnel is encouraging residents to protect their properties from wildfire through the national FireSmart Program.

 “The City’s Forestry Initiatives Program is working on multiple initiatives to protect the community of Quesnel from Wildfires,” said Erin Robinson, Forestry Initiatives Manager. “The FireSmart program is a crucial step for homeowners to take to protect their properties and neighbourhoods from wildfires.”

The FireSmart Program helps property owners reduce the risk of wildfire damage to their home and property as well as their surrounding neighbours. It’s essential to be proactive in reducing the risk of wildfire damage to property.

To begin FireSmart-ing your home, read the FireSmart Homeowner’s Manual. This manual helps homeowners assess their homes and properties and identifies changes to make. Some of the measures cost very little and can help reduce the vulnerability of your home to wildfire, while others require planning and long-term commitment.

When making changes, start with the area closest to your home and work outwards. It can be as simple as pruning, removing, and reducing the trees, shrubs, and dead vegetation around a house that could carry a fire onto the property. All changes made to the area around the home, and the home itself, have the most significant impact of reducing the risk of wildfire damage. 

FireSmart Homeowner’s Manual:

To learn more about the FireSmart Program, visit

The City’s Forest Initiatives Program was created to address the multiple challenges facing our community at this time - mainly protecting our communities from wildfire. Learn more:

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