Property taxes

Property taxes pay for Provincial, Regional and Municipal services, creating a better community to enjoy.

Property Tax Due Date

Mark down the tax due date to avoid penalties and make your payment early if you will be out of town.

2021 Due Date

Friday, July 2, 2021 at 4:00 p.m.


A 10% penalty will be added to 2020 current property taxes outstanding and unclaimed home owners grant after Wednesday, September 30, 2020 at 4:30 p.m.

These penalties are a requirement of the community charter. The City has no authority to waive or modify these penalty amounts. A payment that is one day late is subject to the same penalty as a payment that is 6 months late.

You can reduce your penalties by claiming your home owner grant even if you are not making a payment on your taxes. Unclaimed Grants are considered outstanding taxes.

Property Tax Information

Property taxes can be confusing, let us help you through the process!


The City provides residents with many great services:

  • Emergency services (RCMP and Fire)
  • Roads and sidewalks
  • Snow removal
  • Solid waste management
  • Planning and development
  • Arts and recreation
  • Parks and playgrounds
  • Transit
  • Airport
  • and more

All of theses services are provided by revenue collected from property taxes.

Property assesment

Your individual property taxes are tied directly to your property assessment. Property assessments are mailed to property owners by BC Assessment in early January of each year. The higher your assessment, the more property taxes you pay.

The following factors affect your tax bill:

  • Change in Assessment Values
  • New Local Improvement charges
  • Increase in the Tax Rate
  • Changes in Homeowner Grant status 
  • Unpaid utilities transferred to taxes
When to expect your bill

The City mails approximately 5,500 property tax notices to Quesnel property owners. Bills are mailed mid-May each year.

Property tax deferment program

The property tax deferment program is a low interest loan program administered by the Province of BC that assists qualifying BC homeowners in paying the annual property taxes on their homes.

The B.C. government is making it easier to apply for the property tax deferment program.

  • B.C. residential property owners can now apply for property tax deferment on their principal residence online, quickly and easily. And for the first time, owners can choose to auto renew their application.
  • Municipalities will no longer be responsible for accepting deferment applications.
    • Property owners will still apply for their Home Owner Grant and make outstanding utility payments to the municipality.

Look for more information online at:

Class tax rates

The City and other public bodies set tax rates for each property class.

Property classes include:

  • 01 - Residential
  • 02 - Utilities
  • 04 - Major industrial
  • 05 - Light industrial
  • 06 - Business
  • 08 - Recreational
  • 09 - Farm

2020 Tax Rates

Home owner grant

Your home owner grant application is attached to the bottom of your tax notice. Visit the home owner grant page for more information.

Claim online

Information available online

You may view details of your tax account including assessments and bill summaries online.

View property tax information

Payment options

Payments can be made at City Hall (410 Kinchant St) with cash, cheque, money order, Interac, and post-dated cheques. You can also send your cheque in the mail.  Postmarks are not accepted as the date of payment.


Make your cheque payable to the CITY OF QUESNEL.

We will reverse a payment if it is returned or dishonoured for any reason and a dishonoured payment fee will apply.

Online banking

Payments may be made online through participating financial institutions. Your account number is 10 digits after the 470 roll number. Do not include 470.

  1. ADD a Payee
  2. Search "Quesnel"
  3. Select Quesnel, City of, Taxes (this could be different for your bank)
  4. Insert your roll number (Do not include the first three digits: 470)
  5. Exclude the periods and spaces

Payments will be sent by your financial institution to us within three (3) to five (5) business days and your account will not be credited until we receive the payment.

To avoid penalties, the home owners grant application must be received at City Hall by the tax due date.

Pre-authorized payment plan

Payments may be made using the City's pre-authorized payment plan is easy and convenient.

Pay your property taxes in 10 equal monthly payments from August through May.

To sign up for the plan, contact the Finance Department at 250-992-2111.

Telephone banking

Contact your financial institution for telephone banking instructions.