Every year, the City completes operational and capital budgets which are adopted by Council.

The Director of Corporate and Financial Services coordinates the City’s five-year Financial Plan process, analyzes department budget information, prepares non-departmental revenue estimates, assembles the budget document and provides overview, continues financial monitoring, and reports once the budget is adopted. The Director also assists department heads in identifying budget problems and formulating solutions.

2020 Budget Consultation

Budgets are a balancing act. The City must provide quality services and maintain aging infrastructure with limited tax dollars. Each year, the City develops a detailed budget to determine how tax dollars are to be spent and looks for input from its citizens on developing priorities.

2020 Budget Survey

Tell us your priorities for the 2020 City budget!  Ensure you read the introductory material provided in the survey so you can make informed choices. You City, your budget! The survey is open until Tuesday, December 10, 2019. 

Online Survey

Paper versions of the survey are available at City Hall, 410 Kinchant St, Monday to Friday, 8:30 am - 4:30 pm or online here.

Budget Process

The City follows this budget schedule every year. See where in the process the City is right now!

Budget Process

September - October

  • Departmental staff prepare draft budgets

November - December

  • Pre-budget public consultation
  • Finance staff review departmental draft budgets
  • Senior management review draft budgets
  • Financial Sustainability and Audit Committee reviews and makes Recommendations on various budget components to Council


  • Present draft capital budget to Council
  • Present draft operating budget to Council

March - April

  • Review five year financial plan and policies


  • Council sets final tax rates
Budget Comments

The City welcomes comments about the budget throughout the year!

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