Retail Cannabis Licensing

A Retail Cannabis Sales Licence is a resolution issued by the City that provides Council’s input on the location of a cannabis business in accordance with the Cannabis Control and Licensing Act (CCLA). The Liquor and Cannabis Regulation Branch (LCRB) requires local government input for all provincial Cannabis Retail Licence applications. Local governments do not approve these types of applications; instead, they provide the LCRB with a Council resolution for each application. The LCRB will not process a Cannabis Retail Licence without a favourable resolution from the applicable local government.

In addition to meeting provincial and federal requirements, provincial Cannabis Retail Licence applications must comply with City regulations, such as the Zoning Bylaw and the Business Licence and Regulation Bylaw, in order to receive a recommendation of support.

No more than five (5) Retail Cannabis Sales businesses are to be permitted within the City of Quesnel at any given time.

Application Guide

Retail Cannabis Sales Application

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