Outdoor Patios

Patrons visiting at an outdoor cafe patio.

ON PUBLIC PROPERTY (sidewalks/street parking):

Outdoor Cafe: Council passed a new Outdoor Café Permit Bylaw in 2019 to encourage additional use of the public space.  Schedule A of Bylaw 1866 provides a map of where public space may be used for outdoor Café’s.

  • Outdoor Cafes can be large or small. 
  • Small Outdoor Cafes will provide an option for businesses to place a small eating area on the sidewalk up to two tables.  See Small Outdoor Café Application 
  • Large Outdoor Cafes can be located adjacent to the business on the sidewalk, boardwalk and/or in parking spots directly adjacent to the business, depending on width of the sidewalk.  See Large Outdoor Café Application.
  • Application fees of $25 for small outdoor cafes and $100 for large outdoor cafes, plus building permit fees for large.
  • No limit on the number of Outdoor Cafes within the designated Outdoor Cafe area (See Schedule A of Bylaw 1866). 
  • Ensure a minimum width of 1.5 meters is maintained for pedestrian movement on sidewalks.
  • Allows for outdoor heaters and heat lamps, for Large Outdoor Cafes only, that meet safety requirements.
  • Allows for music in accordance with the Noise Bylaw.

ON PRIVATE PROPERTY (Private parking, landscaped areas etc.):

  • Due to COVID-19 the City of Quesnel will expedite onsite temporary patio permit applications with the submission of the following items to the building department at buildinginspection@quesnel.ca
    • Letter from property owner authorizing plan if not owner of property.
    • Site plan of entire area including: parking areas to be maintained; vehicle access and egress from site; patio details: seating layout, pathway to restaurant, fencing materials, access and egress, protections from vehicles (barriers, planters, etc).
    • Confirmation if temporary expanded service area being sought from LCRB.

Council of the City of Quesnel provided a preapproval to the Liquor Control and Regulation Branch (LCRB) to cover all applicants who want to apply to the LCRB for expanded service area.  This allows applicants to immediately begin working with the LCRB to obtain approval for temporary expansion of their liquor license.

The Liquor Control and Regulation Branch (LCRB) in support of  reopening efforts underway has announced Policy Directive 20-13, that permits food primary, liquor primary and manufacturing licensees to temporarily expand their service area footprint until October 31, 2021.

These temporary authorizations will be focused on expanding licensee service areas only and will not increase currently approved person/patron capacities or occupant loads. This will allow the LCRB to expedite approvals while mitigating any public safety risks or local government requirements. Licensees will still be subject to any PHO orders requiring reduced occupancy loads and must also comply with all local bylaws and health and fire regulations.

Licensees will be able to submit applications for Temporary Expanded Service Area Authorizations via the LCRB online portal at no charge.

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