Sign Permit FAQ

Are garage sale signs permitted?

Only within the private property where the garage sale is taking place or the community boards around town (Spirit Square, corner of Barlow Ave and Kinchant St).

Do I need to obtain a Sign Permit for a garage sale sign on my own property?

No, a Sign Permit is not required. However, signs must be installed no more than 3 days prior to the event and be taken down no more than 1 day after the event.

Can I install a rooftop sign for my commercial business?

No, roof signs or signs above the roof line are not permitted.

Can I reconfigure or update my sign without a Sign Permit?

If the sign was lawfully installed under another Sign Permit and the alteration does not change the design, size or siting location of the sign, then a Sign Permit is not required.

What classifies as a window sign and do they require a Sign Permit?

Window Signs are defined as a sign that is attached to, or installed on, or otherwise placed directly on the inside or near to a window, and is visible from the building exterior and does not include merchandise located in the window for display purposes. Temporary signs are not classified as window signs.

Window signs do require a Sign Permit.

What is the average turnaround for a Sign Permit?

If an application is submitted with all required documentation, about 1-3 business days. 

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