Financial plan

The Financial Plan outlines the City’s financial objectives and policies, and the proposed expenditures, revenues and transfers between funds for the next five years.

Approved Five-year Financial Plan (2023-2027)

Note: In accordance with Section 165 of the Community Charter, the City of Quesnel is required to adopt by bylaw a Five Year Financial Plan.

Steps in developing a financial plan

  • City Council approves guidelines for the preparation of the current year budget and five-year financial plan.
  • The Finance department coordinates budget submissions from the other various departments.
  • A budget survey is open to the public to seek input on the City's finances and tax framework.
  • The City's Financial Sustainability and Audit Committee holds a number of meetings to review the proposed operating and capital budgets with Senior Staff.
  • The proposed Operating and Capital Budgets are presented to Council.  All meetings are open to the public. Quesnel's citizens are invited and encouraged to provide their input and be part of the process.
  • The proposed Five-Year Financial Plan is reviewed with the Financial Sustainability and Audit Committee and then presented to Council.
  • Financial Plan Bylaw is prepared based on Council decisions, given three readings and adopted.

Having a financial plan

  • Provides City staff with clear direction and the authority to pay for services for Quesnel citizens.
  • Ensures City staff are accountable to the citizens.
  • Meets the requirements of the Community Charter.
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