Heritage register

The City of Quesnel is home to a unique blend of architecture and building styles that reflect the storied history of our community. To celebrate this, the City completed a Heritage Register in 2006 through the Quesnel & District Museum & Archives.

A Heritage Register is an official list of properties identified in the community as having heritage value or character. It provides information to property owners and potential buyers of a property's historical values. It also allows proposed changes to properties to be tracked by local government.

A Heritage Register does not provide any formal protection for any property.

Grierson House 1933

697 Front Street

Vaughan House 1911

714 Front Street

Kew House 1912

726 Front Street

Martello House 1935

250 Hill Street

Lazzarin House 1909

243 Hoy Street

Old Marsh House 1934

290 Hoy Street

St. Andrews United Church 1911

218 Kinchant Street

Harper House 1939

342 Kinchant Street


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