Reducing bear conflicts in Quesnel

August 22, 2023
News Release

Bear season is well underway and multiple bear sightings have already been reported in and around Quesnel. How we manage our living space has a great deal of influence on the number of bears in our neighbourhoods. Garbage and fruit trees remain the top attractions to bears in the Quesnel area. A bear that is positively reinforced by food is likely to return to that area and repeat its behaviour, eventually becoming food conditioned. If bears are not receiving a readily available food reward within communities, the need for animal destruction will be reduced.

Ensure you take these steps to reduce bear conflict:

  1. Do not store garbage outdoors. Garbage can be kept inside a garage or shed if it’s bear proof. Odorous garbage can be kept inside a plastic bag and frozen until garbage day. 
  2. Remove all fruit from the trees in your yard. Fruit can be stored indoors while it ripens. Let friends or neighbours pick your fruit if you are not going to use it. Determine if the fruit trees are necessary or if they are still wanted, if they aren’t, replace trees with non-fruit bearing species.
  3. Birdseed or suet filled bird feeders will attract bears through the odours they emit. Birdseed and suet are high protein food source for bears. Use bird feeders only in the winter when bears are hibernating, and natural bird food is limited.

Bylaw Enforcement will be monitoring areas throughout the City ensuring steps are being taken to remove the above attractants. Through Bylaw No. 1774 Solid Waste Collection And Disposal, no person shall set out their garbage collection carts other than between the times of 4 am and 8 am on collection days ($50 fine).

If you encounter a bear, remain calm. Slowly back away, talking to the bear in a quiet, monotone voice. Report aggressive or threatening bears to: 1-877-952-7277 (RAPP).


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