Carriage House

A carriage house is an attached house located in conjunction with an accessory building (e.g. a garage). A carriage house (sometimes referred to as a “Garage Suite” in other municipalities) is located on the same property as the principal dwelling. A carriage house requires access to a main frontage road and must not rely on a laneway for road access. It does not have a Certificate of Title, and cannot be strata titled. A carriage home will be assigned a separate address at the building permit stage.

Carriage houses are NOT allowed in hazardous areas. Find the Hazard Development Permit Area in the Official Community Plan.

To create a legal carriage house, you must obtain a Building Permit. As well, your property must be zoned to allow a carriage house.

Review the Getting Started page for frequently asked questions and the potential benefits of accessory dwelling units.

Carriage House Development

Check out the City’s full Accessory Dwelling Unit How-To guide for more in-depth information. 

The guide includes pre-planning considerations including the steps involved to build an accessory dwelling unit, servicing feasibility, zoning bylaw regulations, design tips, getting your permits, useful resources, and questions to ask yourself when considering your future responsibilities as a landlord.

For more information contact the Development Department at 250-992-2111 or

For questions regarding the Building Code, contact the Building Department at 250-992-2111 or

If you own a rental property with two units and you do not live in one of the units OR if you own a rental property with more than two units, you must obtain an Accommodation Business LicenseTo discuss what you may need before applying for a Business License, contact the Bylaw Department at 250-992-2111 or