Land Hazards

Most development in the west end of the City will require a Geotechnical Report to accompany an application. This report is to be prepared by a registered professional who specializes in the geotechnical area. There are other areas within the City limits which also require a Geotechnical Report for landslide stability: it is best to consult with the Development Services team at the City to verify if a report is required.

The Chief Building Official will determine the need for a Geotechnical Report. If your development is in land hazard areas, an inspection can be conducted by the Chief Building Official to determine if there is land movement which warrants the need for a report.

The Community Charter authorizes the Building Inspector to determine the requirement for a report to be supplied with an application on any lands. The City has mapped out most areas which are determined to be unstable or have the potential for movement, this is a guide only and the City development staff should be consulted.

Learn more about Building in the West Quesnel Land Stability Area (WQLSA)

For more information contact the Building Department at 250-992-2111 or