Open House at the Forestry Innovation Centre

November 8, 2019
News Release

Join us for an open house in the newly constructed Forestry Innovation Centre located at City Hall. Explore the Centre, chat with staff and learn more about our forestry initiatives.

Saturday, November 16​, 2019
10 am - 1 pm

Forestry Innovation Centre, City Hall
210-410 Kinchant Street (Outside access via Kinchant St)

The Centre is a flexible work environment designed to foster innovation and collaboration. It houses the Forestry Initiatives Program, as well as showcases locally made structural and finishing wood products, local artisan furniture and art installations. There is also an interpretive centre that explains landscape-level management, fuel management and the future of forestry.

As the Centre is an active working space, it is not open to the public daily. Open houses are scheduled periodically to give the public a chance to visit and learn about our forestry initiatives.

For more information about the Forestry Initiatives Program, visit

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