July 26, 2022 Council Highlights

July 28, 2022
Council Highlights

Delegation - Accessory Dwelling Units

Tony Osborn Architecture & Design Inc. was contracted by the City to prepare pre-approved accessory dwelling unit designs.  Council was presented with five designs, including two carriage homes and three secondary dwellings.  The designs meet Step Code 3 energy efficiency and simplify and expedite a no-hassle permit ready building process.  This will net 15 - 20% savings for developers, saving architectural, structural engineering and building permit fees.

Development Services Update

  • Council approved extending public consultation on the new New Floodplain Management Bylaw and directed Staff to bring a report to the September 27 Council meeting.
  • Council approved Development Permit 2022-45 for the construction of three single detached dwellings on STRATA LOTS 14, 38 and 39 DISTRICT LOT 1122 CARIBOO DISTRICT PLAN PGS217 (Dyke Road), pending subjects.
  • Council approved Development Permit 2022-46 for the construction of a three storey three-plex rental on LOT 11 BLOCK 18 TOWN OF QUESNEL PLAN 17000, EXCEPT PLAN 17507 (Reid Street), subject to landscape bonding in the amount of 125% of the estimated cost.
  • Council approve Development Permit 2022-47 for the development of a 20 unit residential development on LOT A DISTRICT LOT 3948 CARIBOO DISTRICT PLAN 29374 EXCEPT PLAN EPP110178 (Westland Road), pending subjects.
  • Council approved varying Section 34.3.5 (a) Zoning Bylaw No. 1880, 2019 to permit to reduce the principal building’s front setback to 4.1m. on LOT 1 BLOCK 1 DISTRICT LOT 704 CARIBOO DISTRICT PLAN 6719 (420 Webster Ave).

Revitalization Plans - Davie Street & North Fraser Drive Landing

A second round of consultations will be completed between August 8th to August 19th to obtain community and stakeholder input on the Davie Street and North Fraser Drive Landing revitalization plans. Consultation will be completed as follows:

  • A survey for each project will be available on Let's Connect Quesnel ( for residents to provide feedback and answer question. Surveys will also be available at City Hall or can be requested through email, and notices will be sent out to residents in the North Fraser Dr. area;
  • Stakeholders will be contacted directly via email to participate in the surveys;
  • The City website will be updated with links to the Let’s Connect project pages;
  • The plans will be advertised on both social media platforms; and
  • An email blast is to go out to all Let’s Connect subscribers.

Spirit Centre Lease

Council approved the lease renewal of a portion of the Spirit Centre to the Quesnel Downtown Association.


Council provided a resolution of support for the North Cariboo Seniors' Council grant application to the Age Friendly Communities Grant Program for development of the Co-Living Project to help support Quesnel's senior population live independently through a co-living model of housing.


  • Bylaw 1927 - City of Quesnel Political Campaign Sign Amendment Bylaw 1927, 2022 - First Three Readings 


  • Bylaw 1917 - City of Quesnel Zoning Amendment Bylaw 1917 of 2022 (Gook Road) - Third Reading


  • August 4, 2022 -  10th Anniversary of the West Quesnel Night Market
  • August 6, 2022 - 830 am - 430 pm - Lewis Drive - North Cariboo Seniors' Council and Literacy Quesnel are hosting a used bike sale 
  • September 7, 2022 - Rotary Club Seniors trip to Barkerville - SIGN UP by August 15th

Council Highlights provide a summary of business conducted by Council at Regular Council meetings. Contact: Rhya Hartley, Deputy Corporate Administrator at 250-991-7471.

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