Fuel management project

September 11, 2020
News Release

As part of our ongoing Community Wildfire Protect Plan (CWPP), today the City’s Forestry Initiatives Program began the fuel management project on South Hills Range Land (aka Gassoff’s Range).  The project involves thinning and pruning trees and removing ladder fuels (forest debris that lets fire climb to the tree-tops).  Part of the project will include a program of piling and burning when the proper venting for air quality allows. 

The combination of thinning and burning will:

  • Reduce the chance of a catastrophic wildfire destroying critical infrastructure (homes, communications towers, water tower etc.)
  •  Improve forest health and animal habitat 
  • Generate less smoke than out-of-control wildfires
  • Protect recreation values     
  • Further our mission of managing the landscape and improving ecosystem health   

The fuel management project will take place over September and October, involving various areas of the rangeland.  Residents in the area will hear crews working with power saws and mobile wood chippers, and may experience smoke during burning of piles in the fall.

If you have any questions, please call:
Erin Robinson
Forestry Initiatives Manager

For more information about the Forestry Initiatives Program visit

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