Resident rates

The following rates apply to visitors who live inside of the sub-regional recreation boundary and who have a recreation pass.

Arts and Recreation Centre Rates

 Drop in10 visits1 month3 month6 month1
Tot 0-4 yrs$0$0$0$0$0$0
Youth 5-12 yrs$3.50$29.80$38.50$105.00$189.00$336.00
Student 13-18 yrs$4.75$40.50$52.25$142.50$256.50$456.00
Adult 19-62 yrs$6.00$51.00$66.00$180.00$324.00$576.00
Senior 63-79 yrs$4.75$40.50$52.25$142.50$246.50$456.00
80 +$0$0$0$0$0$0
Special needs$4.75$40.50$52.25$142.50$256.50$456.00
Special needs youth$2.50$21.30$27.50$75.00$135.00$240.00
Noon Swim$3.50     
Friday Night Discount$2.50     

Arenas rates

 Drop in10 visits
Tot 0-4 yrs$0$0
Youth 5-12 yrs$3.00$25.50
Student 13-18 yrs$4.25$36.25
Adult 19-62 yrs$5.00$42.50
Senior 63-79 yrs$4.25$36.25
80 +$0$0


Noon skate$3.00$30.00
Drop in hockey$5.25$44.75
Leisure patch$2.00 
Birthday Parties52.50 


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