Recreation Pass

There are two different rates for those that use recreation programs in Quesnel.

Recreation Pass

Residents living in the North Cariboo Recreation and Parks taxation area may apply for and receive a Recreation Pass at the Arts and Recreation Centre at no cost.

  • Proof of residence must be supplied (i.e. valid driver’s license, tax notice or one pieces of identification showing proof of residency in a permanent location).
  • People living outside the taxation area may purchase a Recreation Pass for a fee. 

People who do not show their pass at the time of admission will be provided admission at a rate that is 25% higher than the admission rate with a Recreation Pass. 

Groups, organizations and societies

A Resident rate is available to any Quesnel based not-for-profit group, charitable organization or registered society with the primary purpose of community service where the local community is the beneficiary and where the group is based within the North Cariboo Recreation and Parks Taxation area.

Organizations who wish to pay the resident rate are required to ensure that all participants in recreation activities have a valid Recreation Pass. All user groups renting space must submit a membership list to the Leisure Services Department within 30 days of the start of their season, listing recreation pass number for each participant. Participants must hold a valid pass at the time of registration.  Passes are permitted to expire before the completion of the sport season, provided they are valid when the season starts. Any organization found to be in non-compliance may be denied access to the facility or charged for the missing recreation passes at the current rates.

The Leisure Services Department will invoice the organization for any uncollected fees. The resident rate includes Cariboo Regional District and City of Quesnel Departments and Committees of Council/Board.  It includes private rentals where the renter has a Recreation Pass.

  • Exceptions to the requirements of requiring a Recreation Pass include:
  • Tournaments, or competitions organized by local non-profit organizations involving out of town teams
  • Non sporting event dry floor rentals of the arenas or Arts and Recreation Centre coordinated by non profit organization.
  • School use of the facility as defined by the joint use agreement with School District 28.
  • Grad or Dry Grad activities.
  • Drop-In Admission and Registered Programs when a patron has paid a fee that is 25% higher than the Resident rates
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