Lhtako Dene Park

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Green space, Picnic tables, Trails

Lhtako Dene Park is located at the confluence of the Fraser and Quesnel Rivers within the city. Adorned with flower gardens, towering Cottonwood trees and evergreens, this park is the beginning of the Riverfront Trail walking system. 

On June 21, 2022, National Indigenous Peoples Day, Ceal Tingley Park was renamed Lhtako Dene Park as part of a major initiative to restore Lhtako Dene and Southern Carrier culture to the City’s riverfronts. For the Lhtako, which means ‘where the waters meet,’ the entire confluence of the Quesnel and Fraser rivers and Baker Creek, is a significant cultural place and was the main Lhtako Dene settlement site for millennia prior to European settlement.