New Canadian Drinking Water Guidelines released by Health Canada

May 31, 2019
News Release

The City of Quesnel has received the new Canadian Drinking Water Guidelines that were released by Health Canada on May 10. The guidelines now state Maximum Acceptable Concentrations (MAC) for Manganese in drinking water.

Manganese is an essential element in humans and animals; it occurs naturally in the environment and is widely distributed in air, water and soil. Manganese in appropriate doses is beneficial to human and animal health.

Health Canada has been studying the effects of consuming various levels of manganese from drinking water sources. New information on the effects of higher concentrations of manganese has prompted the new guidelines for manganese in drinking water. Please refer to the Health Canada Guidelines for Canadian Drinking Water Quality for more information (link below).

The new MAC for Manganese has been classified as 0.12 mg/L and currently the City of Quesnel water system averages above at approximately 0.22 mg/L in its drinking water.

The City of Quesnel drinking water system has not deteriorated; only the Canadian Guidelines for drinking water have changed.

Health Canada recommends water filtration through reverse osmosis systems to be the most effective way to reduce manganese from drinking water at the tap and improves overall water quality.

The City is currently gathering as much information as possible from the Northern Health Authority who administers the Drinking Water Protection Act and provides surveillance and monitoring of our water system. Updates will be released when more information is available.

The City of Quesnel is reviewing all options to address manganese in the City water system.

There are currently no water advisories for the City of Quesnel.

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