The Clean Team and Day Labour Program - Social Community Coordinator

September 21, 2022

The Community Social Coordinator is responsible for providing leadership and direction to the Clean Team peers, while maintaining strong, individual connections that are grounded in communication, learning, and trust. The Community Social Coordinator works directly with each peer to improve employment, communication and life skills. The coordinator also helps establish positive relationships between the peers and the business in the community.
The coordinator values the peers’ lived experience and knowledge and listens to their insight, suggestions, and recommendations to help steer the Clean Team policies and operations in the appropriate direction, that align with best peer practices. 
Since the program became operational, the peers and coordinator have developed authentic and trusting relationships where achievements and successes are celebrated and everyone’s contribution is acknowledged.

The program is funded through UBCM Strengthening Communities’ Services. This program has been a huge success for the peers, City, local businesses and community.

This video is the final piece in a four-part video series highlighting the Clean Team and Day Labour Program. See previous videos here:

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