Quesnel Pioneer Cemetery

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Carson Avenue

Quesnel Pioneer Cemetery features the markers of many community pioneers prominently located on Carson Avenue at the entry point to Downtown Quesnel. The historic place includes the property it occupies.

Heritage Value
The Quesnel Pioneer Cemetery is a site in Quesnel of heritage significance that has special meaning. This space provides an opportunity for the interpretation and understanding of important historical settings and past patterns of land use. It remains accessible to the public and is part of Quesnel’s scenic landscape that is located in Downtown Quesnel which is the commercial and administrative center of the city. It is the oldest existing cemetery in Quesnel.

The Quesnel Pioneer Cemetery serves as a reminder of the very earliest days of settlement. Not only does the site honour the memory of the people, it also shows the change in geographical boundaries of the city. This location on Carson Avenue was once the outer edge of the community. Today the cemetery is located on a busy transportation route and is surrounded by many buildings. It is the resting place for many settlers who were instrumental to the development of Quesnel. Thomas Brown has the earliest gravestone dated to 1878.

Character-Defining Elements
The character-defining elements of the Quesnel Pioneer Cemetery include:

  • an important role in the cultural heritage of Quesnel;
  • the historic atmosphere of the site;
  • a physical reminder that the area was once heavily timbered;
  • the aged fir trees are natural to the site and contribute positively to the streetscape;
  • a quiet space and a beautiful buffer at the busy entranceway to Quesnel’s commercial core;
  • the cemetery is surrounded by a wrought iron fence;
  • seating for visitors.
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