Multi-Unit Housing Project - Kinchant Street

Application deadline: 
May 17, 2021 - 4:00 pm
Request for Proposals

July 26, 2021: Project open until suitable proposal is obtained.

This Request for Proposal (RFP) is intended to address the City’s interest in increasing the supply of market multi-unit housing throughout the City. There are a number of incentives currently being offered to assist in development of a market-based multi-unit housing development. This request for proposal is intended to address the City’s long standing interest in increasing the supply of market multi-unit housing in the City’s center.  The City of Quesnel is seeking proposals from interested parties for the acquisition of a City-owned parcel of land for the development of multi-unit housing.

The proposed subject property is the 0.46ac lot owned by the City of Quesnel abutting 410 Kinchant Street. 

In addition, the City is offering for sale the adjacent parking lot(0.18 ac.) with capacity for 26 stalls and an access to the property from Vaughan Street eliminating need for access from Kinchant Street.  Please quote separately for these properties.

This parcel is in the fully serviced heart of Quesnel’s downtown within walking distance of several amenities including shopping, health services, library, restaurants, parks, movie theatre and recreation.  

The primary objective of the City of Quesnel is to encourage and support a range of housing choices essential in supporting a healthy, livable community. To that end, projects should address the needs identified in the  Housing Needs Assessment, Gap Analysis and Action Plan for market housing. Excerpted below are the priority objectives for this funding opportunity:

  • Enhance the supply of entry-level housing for young adults/professionals and senior-appropriate housing
  • Enhance supply of rental housing
  • Facilitate rental housing supply
  • Facilitate workforce housing
  • Facilitate new development on selected parcels
  • Prepare for anticipated growth in population aged 65 and over
  • Ensure adequate accessibility in housing for seniors

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Multi-unit housing project Kinchant Street - Request for Proposals

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