Pinnacles Provincial Park


Pinnacles Provincial Park comprises approximately 124 hectares of pine forest overlooking Baker Creek. The park is a popular day-use area and is easily accessible from Quesnel. From the Pinnacles viewpoint, visitors enjoy the unique formation of “Hoodoos,” and a picturesque view of the city of Quesnel and Baker Creek.

The park is open year-round for day-use and sightseeing despite the locked gate at the entrance; camping is not permitted. The park provides an opportunity for a pleasant 1 km hike along a well maintained trail to the viewpoint; allow 15 minutes for access. Horseback riding in the park is not permitted. The hoodoos are fragile, please do not climb on or near them.

Fuel Management in the Park

BC Parks and the City of Quesnel are conducting fuel management treatments at Pinnacles Provincial Park until March 2022. Crews will be working onsite to reduce crown and ground fuels with the aim of slowing down wildfire behavior and improving firefighting opportunities.  The public will see hand crews, machinery and controlled burning in the park for the duration of the fuel management operations. Controlled burning generates less smoke than out-of-control wildfires and helps us proactively take measures to prevent disasters. Trails will remain open, however trail use will be interrupted in various locations.  Please obey all signs. For more information please contact Erin Robinson at

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