Mitchell House

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McLean Street

Mitchell House is a delightful one-and-a-half storey wood frame house built in 1907 and relocated to this location on the west side of McLean Street in North Quesnel, BC. The historic place is confined to the building footprint.

Heritage Value
Mitchell House is located in North Quesnel which is an older residential neighbourhood in the city. Many houses of pioneering families have been moved to new locations in Quesnel as the community has experienced growth. While not in its original form or location, the house is a physical reminder of the people who shaped the development of Quesnel. The house was built by well-known contractor Harry Joyce.

The house is named for Archibald and Edna (Wells) Mitchell. Archibald was from Scotland and was known locally as ‘Scotty’. He worked at Johnston Brothers Motors in Quesnel. He served overseas during WWI and when he returned to Quesnel he was employed by the Department of Public Works. Edna was the daughter of pioneers, Elmore and Christine Wells, who arrived in the area in the 1890s. She grew up in Quesnel and attended the old log school. Scotty and Edna were married in 1924 and moved into this house which was originally located on Front Street. After forty years of employment with the Department of Public Works, Scotty retired in 1958. The Mitchell Bridge on the Barkerville Road is named after Scotty who died in 1966.

Character-Defining Elements
The character-defining elements of Mitchell House include:

  • a one-and-a-half storey wood frame building with many charming qualities;
  • its original form is evident even though some renovations have been made for commercial activities;
  • steeply pitched gable roof;
  • wood clad thin slat siding;
  • a glazed front porch;
  • hooded dormers on the south and north sides of the house;
  • large picture windows on façade;
  • three paned window on half storey façade;
  • decorative corner trim.