Leonard Farm

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Brownmiller Road

The Leonard Farm includes a two storey wood framed 1920s farm house and barn and a pre- 1920s cabin located on a large property now owned and used by West Fraser Mills Ltd., at Two Mile Flat in Quesnel, BC. The historic place includes the buildings and the parcel of land they occupy.

Heritage Value
The Leonard Farm is located at Two Mile Flat north of Quesnel which is an industrial area in the city. While not in their original form, the buildings are a physical reminder of the people who shaped the development of Quesnel.

The farm is named for Charles Sr. and Mary Leonard who came to Quesnel from Scotland. Charles Sr. purchased a herd of dairy cattle and drove them north to Quesnel from Ashcroft. The Leonard Farm was a productive dairy and creamery which introduced quart and pint milk bottles to Quesnel.

Charles also worked for the Department of Public Works building roads, streets, and ferries. At one time he worked at James Reid’s sawmill and at the Hudson’s Bay Company bottling rum into wooden kegs. He also hauled freight from Ashcroft and drove stage for the Inland Express Company between Quesnel and Barkerville. Mary Leonard was a member of the Church Ladies Aid and Hospital Auxiliary. Mary died at 86 and Charles at the age of 91. The house continued to be owned by members of the Leonard family for many years. The Leonard family is recognized for their contribution to the development of the community with a street named in their honour.

The property was sold to West Fraser Mills Ltd., which continues to use the buildings on the property. The farm house accommodates the company’s employees providing overnight and short-term accommodations.

The cabin which predates 1920 was an assay office that was moved to this location from Carson Avenue. Until the large farm house was built, the Leonard family lived in the small cabin. Today the cabin is often rented during the summer by forestry students.

West Fraser Mills Ltd. restored the barn and uses it for company and private functions.

Character-Defining Elements
The character-defining elements of the Leonard Farm House include:

  • an excellent example of a grand two storey wood framed farm house;
  • the farm house was built in 1922 and features a steeply pitched gable roof;
  • a large covered porch with post supports that span the front of the house;
  • a cross gable on both sides of the house;
  • a single storey addition;
  • double six-over-six windows on first storey;
  • double six-paned windows on second storey;
  • projection with six-over-six windows.

The character-defining elements of the Leonard Farm Cabin include:

  • a single storey pre 1920s wood framed building ;
  • moved to this location from downtown Quesnel;
  • double paned windows on the sides.

The character-defining elements of the Leonard Farm Barn include:

  • a square structure that was built in 1920 using coast fir with V-joint siding;
  • an excellent example of wood barn featuring the characteristic gambrel roof;
  • a large two storey structure;
  • ends of the barn have large sliding doors in the loft space;
  • sides of the barn have three large windows.