Earley House

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Callanan Street

Earley House is a one-and-a-half storey wood framed house built in 1924 located on the east side of Callanan Street in North Quesnel, BC. The historic place includes the building and the parcel of land it occupies.

Heritage Value
Earley House is located in North Quesnel which is an older residential neighbourhood in the city. Over the years, major renovations have occurred, however the house supports the other buildings on the street that have experienced change. While not in its original form, the house is a physical reminder of the people who shaped the development of Quesnel.

The house is named for pioneers, Otis and Alice (Northcott) Earley. Alice came to Quesnel from Victoria to be the first school teacher. The first school was a log building which was rented from the Quesnel Fire Company on Front Street where the Cariboo Hotel is located today. She only taught for three months before the school closed because of a shortage of students. The school reopened with twenty-nine students in 1888. Alice taught until she went to work as a telegrapher and line repairer in 1891. John A. Fraser was hired as the new teacher.

Otis and Alice were married in 1902 and lived in a log house at Dragon Lake. Otis was a School Trustee in Dragon Lake in 1913. He was a prospector for Reynolds and Fry at Four Mile Creek but he preferred to farm. Otis had the first successful commercial chicken farm in the area. When their children were school age, Otis and Alice sold their farm and moved to Quesnel. In 1937, the new Quesnel School on McLean Street was built and Alice cut the ceremonial ribbon on opening day. Alice and Otis are buried together in the Quesnel Pioneer Cemetery. The Earley family is recognized for their contribution to the development of the community with a street named in their honour.

Character-Defining Elements
The character-defining elements of Earley House include:

  • a fine example of one of the many small houses built in Quesnel during the 1920s;
  • one-and-a-half storey wood framed house;
  • even though it was renovated in 1961, it has retained its original form and character;
  • features a split slope roof with projections;
  • wood clapboard siding;
  • gable roof with shallow eaves and windows in the half storey.