Planning Committee discusses future of recreation

October 17, 2005
News Release

QUESNEL – The North Cariboo Joint Planning Committee, comprised of the members of Quesnel City Council and the Cariboo Regional District’s Northern Directors, took a significant step forward last Wednesday night at a facilitated meeting regarding the North Cariboo Recreation and Parks Function.

The committee members met to discuss the current model for sub-regional recreation, ways to bring the function up to date and how to make it more efficient in a manner suitable to both the City of Quesnel and the Regional District.

The committee met from 3 pm until 8:30 pm in the Fraser Room at Quesnel City Hall. During those 5 ½ hours, positive discussions were held regarding the function that should pave the way to even more fruitful discussions in the future.

“Last night was a real breakthrough,” said Mayor Nate Bello. “We couldn’t expect to solve all our issues in one night, but we certainly started a genuine dialogue. I think there’s a much greater understanding now of where the two parties stand and I, along with Council, am very optimistic about the future.”

CRD Board Chair Ted Armstrong said “I am pleased with the discussions held last night. We made good progress towards a better understanding of each other and the outstanding issues. There is commitment to these efforts by the members and I feel that through this model a clearly defined vision for the North Cariboo Recreation and Parks Function will be the established.”

More facilitated discussions are tentatively slated for January, 2006.

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