Multi-Centre next steps outlined

March 6, 2009
News Release

Quesnel ‐ The North Cariboo Multi‐Centre project is set to enter its next phase of development. The Cariboo Regional District Board today approved several recommendations from the North Cariboo Joint Planning Committee (NCJPC) outlining the next steps to be taken. There are several projects that can now proceed to help further support applications
to senior government for grant funding, including:

  • Establishing a Multi‐Centre Finance Committee to oversee the co‐ordination of fundraising.
  • Establishing a Multi‐Centre Design Advisory Committee to provide input into the facility’s design.
  • Developing a facility program and Design‐Build Request for Proposals package.
    • This package is the next step in the “Design‐Build” process and will lay out more design details for firms to base their bids upon once all the project funding is in place. It will require: a comprehensive review of best practices from other communities where Design‐Build” was used for major infrastructure projects; a consultation process, including discussions with many user groups and the public at large; considering property acquisition options; developing more detailed project costing.
  • Preparing operational and marketing business plans.
  • Developing financing plan for partnerships.
  • Developing fundraising materials.

The budget for these projects is $120,000, with 47% ($56,400) coming from the Multi‐Centre reserve account, and 53% ($63,300) to come from Western Economic Diversification and Northern Development Initiative grants.

The NCJPC also recommended that the CRD apply to the federal government’s RInC program, which was announced in the federal government’s most recent budget and is tailored specifically for recreational infrastructure. This was also endorsed by the CRD Board.
Now that the plan has gained approval, the first step will be to hire a firm with superior Design‐Build experience and knowledge to design the Request for Proposals package.
For more information, please visit the North Cariboo Multi‐Centre website at:‐centre.asp

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