Dynamite found at municipal landfill

August 26, 2005
News Release

QUESNEL, B.C. – Workers at the Quesnel Municipal Landfill acted quickly to minimize the potential for danger when 144 sticks of dynamite were discovered at the site Thursday, Aug. 25.

Someone left a box full of the explosives in one of the regular garbage containers. A contractor transporting one of the garbage bins to the dumping site noticed the dynamite while doing his job. He stopped work and notified a city employee on site, who immediately contacted police. Older dynamite such as this can pose a threat to the public, but the alertness of the staff made it so the explosives were found and dealt with in the appropriate manner.

The RCMP brought in officials with the Explosives Disposal Unit in Vancouver to safely dispose of the dynamite. Police are still investigating the matter.

But the issue brings to light the question of what to do with materials of this type. RCMP Staff Sgt. Keith Hildebrand said if residents come across materials such as this they should immediately contact police and under no circumstances attempt to handle it themselves.

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