Downtown Power Outage - from BC Hydro

June 16, 2017
Public Works Notices

A message from BC Hydro:

There has been a motor-vehicle incident in downtown Quesnel at the Davie Street crossing which has resulted in a utility pole being broken off. The pole supports the lines that serve West Quesnel. Even though broken, the pole is upright and suspended by the lines. For Public Safety BC Hydro cannot leave it in this condition. At this time BC Hydro is working on a switching plan to keep as many customers in downtown Quesnel on as possible, but there will be an outage required to allow crews to safely make the necessary repairs. Dates and times are still being determined.

This post will not be updated until Monday, June 19, 2017 at 8:30 am.

For more details, please visit the BC Hydro website.

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