City asks residents to resist feeding wildlife

October 14, 2005
News Release

QUESNEL, B.C. – The City of Quesnel is asking residents to refrain from feeding wildlife that turns up in their neighbourhood.

The issue was brought to the City’s attention by members of the North Quesnel Neighbourhood Association. Leanne Broughton, chairperson of the association, said several residents at a recent association meeting reported cases where people were observed feeding deer in a misguided attempt to help them. Residents have also made numerous bear sightings in that neighbourhood this fall.

“If you’re enticing bears or deer, with the cougars that may follow them, there is a safety concern for children and anyone else for that matter,” she said. Broughton also pointed out the nuisance factor, with deer potentially causing traffic accidents or property damage.

Should you have a concern about wildlife conflicts, contact the local conservation office at 992-4212.

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