City acknowledges assessment figures

January 7, 2008
News Release

QUESNEL, B.C. – The City of Quesnel is pleased to see 2008 property assessments across the City continuing to improve over previous years by substantial gains.

“Strong assessments are good news for our residents and the investments they’ve made here,” said Mayor Nate Bello. “We continue to work towards a strong future for our community and it’s good to see there is confidence in Quesnel.”

According to BC Assessment, most home owners in Quesnel will see an increase in the 15% to 25% range. Average assessments were up in all neighbourhoods over 2007. For example, South Hills properties rose from an average assessment of $199,000 to $227,800, Johnston/Carson properties rose from $145,000 to $176,000, West Quesnel properties climbed from $73,000 to $100,500 and North Quesnel moved from $118,000 to $141,100.

“I’m especially pleased with the West Quesnel assessment figures, as I believe the work the City is doing regarding West Quesnel Land Stability is really starting to boost people’s confidence in that vibrant neighbourhood,” added Bello.

Bello also clarified that while assessments are on the rise, this doesn’t directly correlate to property tax bills.

“If your assessment rose by 10%, that doesn’t mean your tax bill will rise by 10%,” he said. “We will address the City’s budget needs over the coming months and set an appropriate tax rate to meet those needs. We always strive to provide quality services and an outstanding quality of life at the best value for our residents.”

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