CAT Scan proposal approved

August 22, 2005
News Release

QUESNEL – The Cariboo Regional District and City of Quesnel are pleased to announce that a bylaw designed to generate sufficient funding for a CAT scanner to be housed in GR Baker Memorial Hospital received statutory approval from the Ministry of Community Services Aug. 12.

Both CRD Board of Directors Chair Ted Armstrong and Mayor Nate Bello said they are happy the community is getting a chance to play a role in the acquisition and application of new medical equipment that will benefit the region.

“It’s something the community wanted and expected from their local government,” said Armstrong. “It has a lot of community support, so this was a way for us to help out.”

Armstrong added the proposal took a great deal of work to complete and included much consultation with staff, the public and ministry officials.

“We heard from the community this was a priority so we worked extensively on it,” he added. Mayor Nate Bello said he’s looking forward to the community’s response.

“This is a step forward,” said Bello. “From what I’ve heard, I doubt there will be much opposition. It’s something the community wants and something we’ll deliver.”

Now that the CRD CT Scanner Service Establishment Bylaw No. 3984 has received statutory approval from the Inspector of Municipalities, it must go through the Electors Alternative Approval Process. If more than 10 per cent of the residents in CRD areas A, B, C, I, the City of Quesnel and the District of Wells sign Electoral Response Forms indicating their opposition to the bylaw, it will go to a referendum. If fewer than 10 per cent are opposed, it will go before the CRD Board of Directors for adoption. More information regarding this process will be available on both the CRD website at and the City of Quesnel website at

If the bylaw obtains voter approval, property owners will be taxed $31.50 for each property, to a maximum of three, starting in 2006. Because of the type of service the bylaw proposes, the size of the property does not dictate the level of taxation. The proposal is designed to provide the most equitable distribution of costs amongst various classes and sizes of properties.

In 2007, the tax will decrease, depending on how much funding is generated by the Quesnel CAT Scan Fundraising Committee. The community needs to raise $650,000 through a combination of fundraising and taxation. It’s important to note that the bylaw will be in effect for only two years.

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The CAT Scan Fundraising Committee has played an integral role in pushing for the equipment. To date, the group has raised more than $150,000. Chair Ron Silver pledged that fundraising efforts will continue as long as possible in order to reduce how much is collected during the second year of the parcel tax.

“The CAT Scan Fundraising Committee is very pleased to learn of the statutory approval for the parcel tax bylaw,” he said. “We’ll be working hard to distribute information during the local approval process.”


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