Affordable Housing Strategy Report released

April 2, 2013
News Release

After much anticipation, the final draft of the Affordable Housing Strategy report was released and is now available to the public for comment. The report will be presented to Council at their April 15 Committee of the Whole meeting.

The report is an action item that comes from the ourQuesnel: Integrated Community Sustainability Plan (ICSP).  ourQuesnel is a vision, strategic plan and process for creating the future we want for our community.  ourQuesnel provides a clear vision on what kind of community our residents and other stakeholders want it to be and sees itself as inclusive and supportive, with equal opportunities for people of all ages, cultures, lifestyles and abilities; affordable housing plays an important part in achieving this goal.

One of the 10 ourQuesnel strategy areas, Housing and Land Use, has a goal of providing citizens with a diverse range of safe, attractive and affordable housing options in neighbourhoods that are mixed, vibrant, livable and increasingly compact and mixed_use.

Over the next three years, the priorities are to improve the quality of emergency and transitional housing options for people in immediate need by keeping current accommodations in good physical condition and adding space for much needed services;  to provide more supportive housing options for those who cannot live independently (yet) by creating more of these housing options in safe and stable environments that meet the needs of singles, single parents and seniors; and to provide more low_cost and attractive market housing options for independent seniors and single_income households by implementing incentives to stimulate market development.

The City of Quesnel thanks the individuals and groups, including residents, housing providers, government organizations, and business and community leaders, who provided their perspectives, knowledge and creativity leading up to the Affordable Housing Strategy. A special thanks to the Real Estate Foundation of British Columbia who provided the funding for this project.

To view and comment on the final draft of the Affordable Housing Strategy report, visit  Comments on the report may be directed to or

ourQuesnel is led by the City of Quesnel with help from the Whistler Centre for Sustainability, a non_profit organization that provides sustainability planning and advisory services to local governments in BC and across Canada. To learn more about the Centre’s work, visit

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