Bylaw of the Month - Unsightly Properties

Property owners who are installing fencing need to ensure the fencing is fully on their property. It is recommended they locate their property pins or contact a land surveyor to locate their property lines.

The City appreciates neighbours who work together to share a fence line between their properties. Shared fences have the advantage of not creating vacant spaces that are hard to maintain or harbor weeds. We do want to remind those property owners however that issues that develop between neighbours regarding shared fencing are NOT regulated by the City. Property owners are required to resolve any issues with their shared fence between themselves.

There are different height allowances property owners need to follow when building their fence. View the bylaw sections mentioned above or contact Development Services to discuss your project at 250-992-2111.

City of Quesnel Zoning Bylaw No. 1662, 2009 (Section 4.11 Fencing)
City of Quesnel Building Bylaw No. 1550, 2003 (Section 19.0 Swimming Pool Fences)

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