Mitch Vik

Councillor Mitch Vik

Why did you choose to run for Council?

I feel I can really contribute to addressing some of the challenges facing our community, and discover new opportunities. 

My instincts are to efficiently get to the root of issues by listening carefully and collaborating on solutions.

What are your priorities or goals for the City of Quesnel?

Creating a positive environment for small business growth is an important priority.   Taking steps to promote entrepreneurialism, keeping Quesnel competitive for small business, and making smart investments in amenities and infrastructure are ways to foster sustainable growth.

Enacting good policy on seniors’ issues is also a priority for me.   Continuing to work with our partners on housing, accessibility, and seniors programs and services is essential; with an eye to coordinating the many programs our community already offers, so our seniors can access them easier.

What community groups are you currently a member of?

  • Quesnel Lions Housing Society
  • Quesnel Lions
  • Quesnel Downtown Association
  • Community Futures

What makes you proud to live in Quesnel?

Our resilient frame of mind!  We don’t quit! We work and play hard!  This is exemplified by our community’s legendary volunteerism.

What's your favourite place to experience nature in Quesnel?

I love to mountain bike on all our fantastic trails through-out the community.


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Cell Phone:250-983-6784
Executive Assistant:250-991-7477