Martin Runge

Councillor Martin Runge

Why did you choose to run for Council?

I believe in a strong, progressive, and vibrant city that strives to meet the needs of a diverse population base; a city that is progressive and supportive of private, and public, and non-profit business ventures; and a city offers current and future residents a safe, fun, and exciting place to call home.

What are your priorities or goals for the City of Quesnel?

Keep our community moving progressively forward while being supportive of the many private, public, non-profit, indigenous, and volunteer organizations that make this City so great.  

I also believe that one of my priorities is to make sure that council strives to make sure our residents have a safe, fun, exciting and affordable place to call home.

What community groups are you currently a member of?

Correlieu Secondary School WeDay, Interact, Career Preparation.

Provincially and Western States and Provinces Business Educators (President of BC Business Educators), 

And of course a strong supporter all the clubs my daughters are involved with: Shiraoi Twinning, Quesnel Youth Bowling, Girl Guides, Baseball and more.

What makes you proud to live in Quesnel?

The people, friendliness,  opportunities, affordable lifestyle, great work environments and all the Cariboo Region's fabulous environments and places to explore.

What's your favourite place to experience nature in Quesnel?

Too tough a question... whether it is enjoying a wonderful sunset in my yard, River Front Trail, 10 mile Lake, the Pinnacles, the walking trails, a forestry campground, Yanks Peak, Bowron Lakes, Barkeville, the Fraser or Quesnel River, or all the other wonderful hidden attractions in the Cariboo or the the Chilcoltin…I really just enjoy them all.


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