Wildfire Recovery

Summer 2017 saw unprecedented fires in British Columbia. Though the City of Quesnel was not evacuated or under evacuation alert, businesses and residents in Quesnel were impacted by the highway closure. Many in the surrounding area were evacuated and on alert, and there were some structural losses in the North Cariboo.

Emergency Management BC has provided funding for a Wildfire Recovery Team to assess the economic impacts of the fire, and to develop and begin early implementation of a plan for recovery.

The funding is flowing through the City of Quesnel, but the team's work will be sub-regional in nature. The team will be based in Quesnel and will be travelling to outlying communities.

An office is currently being set up in the Spirit Centre at 246 St Laurent Ave. Phone line and email contact for the team will be posted here as soon as they are available.

Provide Input

The Wildfire Recovery Team is looking for input from businesses, non-profits, farmers, woodlot operators, placer miners and others whose income was impacted by the wildfires this summer. Three slightly different surveys have been developed. The wildfire team will be using the information collected through these surveys to develop a plan for economic recovery.

Survey for non-profits
Please complete this survey if your non-profit organization was impacted by the wildfires.

Survey for small business
Please complete this survey if your small business in the North Cariboo was impacted by the wildfires.

Survey for rural areas
Please complete this survey if your income comes from the land base (placer mining, woodlot, agriculture, guiding/outfitting, etc). If you have a retail business in the rural area, please complete the survey for small business.

Check back on this page for updates and progress regarding the information collected and the development and implementation of the recovery plan.

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