Wayfinding and Place-making Project

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What is wayfinding and place-making? Simply put, wayfinding is the signage and directional tools that help you identify where you are, find what you're looking for, and confirm you have arrived at your desired destination. Place-making is an approach to the planning, design and management of public spaces like parks, plazas, riverfronts, etc that our city considers a key asset. Place-making promotes social gathering, health, happiness, and well-being through public art, music, lighting, uniquely landscaped areas, special attractions, and more.

The City of Quesnel is working with consultants, Cygnus, to develop a Sign Strategy and to generate ideas for place-making in Quesnel. A series of workshops were held on February 20, 2018 to gather input. Following this, a community survey was made available online for those who missed the workshop. You may also review the workshop presentation.

Next steps:

  • Draft Recommendations Report to be reviewed by community stakeholders
  • Draft designs developed for various sign types
  • Community Open House (Date TBD)
  • Final report and report to Council
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